Logos and PowerPoint Templates

Approved UH and NSM logos and PowerPoint templates for general NSM presentations and NSM research presentations are available for download. The university’s guidelines for use of logos are also provided.

PowerPoint Templates


Below are the official UH/NSM wordmark logos and the University of Houston’s approved Wordmark and interlocking UH logo.

For UH/Department Name official logos, please contact Kathy Major at 713-743-4023 or ksmajor@uh.edu, or Chris Watts at cwatts@central.uh.edu.

Note: The logo files below are available in white in EPS format only, as JPG format does not support transparency.


NSM Primary



NSM Secondary



Interlocking UH



UH Primary



UH Tertiary


Graphic Standards - Wordmark Guidelines

Use the college and university wordmark as a complete unit. Don’t “open” the logo file. Treat it as a graphic or encapsulated PostScript file and place it in your document.

The official colors of the University of Houston are:

  • Pantone PMS (Pantone Matching System) 186 red, black and white
  • Red RGB colors:
    • 204 (red)
    • 0 (green)
    • 0 (blue)
  • Silver RGB colors:
    • 153 (red)
    • 153 (green)
    • 153 (blue)
  • Red HEX color #CC0000
  • Silver HEX color #999999
  • To provide greater flexibility in designing materials the PMS color 877 silver has also been added.

Read more about the University of Houston Graphic Standards.