Academic Standings & Readmission from Suspension

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What is Academic Notice/Academic Warning?

If you are a first time in college (FTIC) student  who has earned less than 2.00 semester GPA (Below a C average) in your first long semester ( i.e., Fall or Spring) of enrollment at UH and if you have earned less than 29 semester hours of total credit, you will be placed on Academic Notice, which is also referred to as Academic Warning. The purpose of this action is to identify a potential academic problem that requires your attention.

This is not probation, and you CANNOT be suspended at this time. 

Academic Notice/Academic Warning applies only to your first semester as an incoming freshman. If you do not earn a cumulative GPA of 2.00 during your second semester, you will be placed on academic probation.

NSM Majors on Academic Notice/Academic Warning will be required to complete the following over the course of a long semester:

  • Meet with Director of Student Success Kialyn Yendell by February 15, 2013 to discuss their specific situation and develop an individualized plan for the semester. Her office is located in Rm 202 of SR1; appointments can be schedule by contacting her at kyendell@uh.edu.
  • Meet with a Learning Support Services Counselor by February 15, 2013, to discuss academic issues and develop an academic success plan to be followed throughout the spring.
  • Complete six assignments pertaining to academic development through the Academic Warning course on Blackboard Learn over the course of the semester. This course is not for credit nor for a grade, but is an important tool for the Academic Warning program.
  • Meet with an academic advisor no later than March 29, 2013 to discuss academic progress and plan courses for later semesters. Their walk-in and appointment hours are available on their website at http://nsm.uh.edu/uac, and their offices are located in Rm 120 of the Old Science building.

Academic Notice/Academic Warning students will have an enrollment hold placed on their record after the 12th class day of the semester, which will be lifted after successfully completing the above requirements.

What is Academic Probation?

If your cumulative GPA falls below a 2.00 (and you are not a first-semester freshman with 29 hours or less) during your academic career, you will be placed on academic probation. NSM majors will be required to attend two LSS workshops. If you do not complete the two workshops before the semester deadline a HOLD will be placed on your record preventing you from enrolling the following semester. This serves as a warning so that you can modify your commitments and improve your study habits.

While your cumulative GPA is below 2.00, you will remain on probation and you must continue to earn a semester GPA of 2.00 to avoid being placed on academic suspension.

What is Academic Suspension?

Once you have been placed on academic probation, meaning your overall cumulative GPA has fallen below 2.00, if your semester GPA falls below a 2.00, you will then be placed on academic suspension.

While you are on suspension at UH, you cannot enroll in classes here.

  • First suspension: student must sit out the next full semester, either the fall or the spring. (Summer does not count as a full semester). Students classified as NSM-UN (NSM-Undeclared) should not expect to be readmitted to NSM.
  • Second suspension: student must sit out 1 calendar year (12 months). NSM majors receiving a second suspension should not expect to be readmitted through NSM.
  • Third suspension: student will not be readmitted to UH. 

NSM does not grant readmission during the summer semester.

What to do while on academic suspension.

  • Meet with your major advisor.
  • Decide on a strategy to avoid suspension in the future.
  • Take classes at a community college or other University. Be sure such coursework can be transferred to UH and used to meet degree requirements.
  • Work on study and time management skills.

Students on Their First Academic Suspension

NSM students who have been placed on their first academic suspension are required to sit out for one long semester (fall or spring) and have to reapply for admission to UH after completing their sit out semester. Suspended students will be admitted under contract as long as they reapply to UH before the 13 month deadline and comply with all the requirements associated with the readmission process, see below. Suspended students who sit out more than the 13 months will have to meet the entry requirements applied to transfer and returning UH students. See the Admission Requirements page for more details.

Readmission from Suspension Guidelines

Readmission from suspension is neither automatic nor guaranteed. The student must express the desire for readmission, meet with his or her major advisor, and initiate the readmission process by submitting a Re-Apply as a Former Student Apply Texas Undergraduate Readmission Application online and a Readmission Packet to the college for review. Failure to attend the University during the designated semester of readmission will negate the contract and the student must reapply for readmission in any subsequent semester. 

  • Students classified as Natural Sciences and Mathematics-Unspecified will not be readmitted from academic suspension through NSM.
  • No student with a major outside of NSM will be readmitted from academic suspension through NSM.
  • Students subject to suspension based upon course work 10 or more years old should consider the Academic Fresh Start Program.
  • Students with financial debt to the university will not be readmitted.

Each student will be required to meet with his/her academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center (room 115, Fleming Building) twice during the readmitted semester for the Academic Progress Advising (APA) session. These meetings will be accountability meetings to make sure you are on the right track to succeed during this semester. 

In addition, each student will be required to attend four workshops at Learning Support Services (room N109, Cougar Village, building 563) one of which must be the workshop on Time Management.

Students may not register for more than 13 hours during readmission and will require a minimum semester grade point average of 2.50 (2.67 if only taking one course) with no grades of F, U, I, or W, (dropping before “W’ date is also prohibited).

Readmission Procedures

The College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM) will review applications for readmission for students wishing to pursue a degree in NSM. Follow the guidelines to ensure that your application for readmission demonstrates your readiness to resume your studies at the University of Houston. It is your responsibility to fully complete your Apply Texas Readmission Application and submit all required documents to the UH Office of Admissions by the deadline. The Office of Admissions and the college strictly enforce deadlines; late applications and credentials will not be allowed. We cannot provide information or updates on a decision over the phone. Interviews will be walk-in only with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Interviews will be during specified walk-in hours at the NSM Office of Academic Affairs. All interviews must be in person. No phone interviews will be allowed.

Semester of Enrollment Deadline to Submit Online Application and All Credentials
Spring Term November 1
Fall Term June 1
  1. Any student suspended from the college for academic reasons is ineligible to enroll in classes during the designated period of suspension.
  2. Review your academic status and course selection with your advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center (room 115, Fleming Building).
  3. After that suspended period, students may apply for readmission by completing an Apply Texas Undergraduate Readmission Application. Please visit Re-Apply as a Former Student or see your major advisor for more details.
    1. Start Early. Do not procrastinate. This is a sensitive process and exceptions will not be made for late submissions.
    2. Fully complete the application by the application deadline.
    3. *NEW* As part of the Apply Texas Application. All former students seeking readmission to UH you must write a Statement of Readiness explaining why readmission should be granted. This Statement of Readiness must be clear, well written, and convincing. It must address all of the following information:
      • What major you want to pursue and why.
      • Explain causes for any past academic issues (including academic probation or suspension) and how you plan to remedy the situation.
      • Explain what you did during your time away from UH.
      • Explain what changes will be made to make sure that academic success will occur in the future.
    4. Submit official transcript(s) from any previous institution by the deadline.
      • It is important to submit all transcripts as early as possible to the UH Admissions office for processing. A college decision cannot be given until all transcript evaluations are complete. This process could take up to two weeks.
    5. Pay application fee by the deadline.
    6. Pay any outstanding UH financial debts by the deadline.
    7. *NEW* Submit a complete Readmission from Suspension Information Sheet found in the NSM Readmission Packet (PDF) to the Office of Admissions.
      • All questions must be answered.
      • Students are permitted to register for no more than 13 semester hours.
      • These courses must be specific, for example BIOL 1361, THEA 1331, and ENGL 1304.  A list of 3 hours VPA core, 3 hours BIOL, and 4 hours MATH is not acceptable.
    8. *NEW* Submit an email from your NSM Advisor outlining your readmission advising session from a session within the past 6 months to the Office of Admissions.

      NSM Information Sheets and Advising Session Emails may be dropped off at:

      University of Houston
      Office of Admissions
      The Welcome Center, Building 553
4400 University Drive
Houston, TX 77204-2023

      ** If you wish to pursue a degree outside of NSM you many reapply on the ATA directly to that major. Keep in mind, each college has different readmission from suspension requirements and you will need to meet their readmission requirements to be readmitted. Please check the other college websites to determine what you need to do for readmission. 

Final Readmission Decisions:

NSM Academic Affairs will review all complete readmission applicants’ files. You will be sent an email notifying you of your initial readmission decision. Final readmission approval will be given at the time you sign your readmission contract. Please note, if you do not complete ALL of the requirements listed above by the deadline you will not be eligible for readmission.

  • If disapproved for readmission, reason(s) will be addressed in the email.
  • If approved, and interview with the Associate Dean is required. Walk-in hours for an interview will be provided in the email. Interviews are for final approval, completion of your readmission contract, and hold removal for enrollment.
Semester for Readmission Readmission Interview Dates Walk-in hours
Spring Term October 28 - November 21
Fall Term TBA

If you have any questions please see the Readmission FAQ.

Other Helpful Information

Undergraduate students' classifications are based on the total number of semester hours earned at the University of Houston and accepted in transfer from other colleges and universities regardless of whether or not the courses involved are applicable to the major or degree plan. Credit awarded by examination and hours earned with a grade of S are counted in determining classification, but not in determining the grade point average.

Classification Number of Semester Credit Hours Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average
Freshman 0-29 semester hours 2.00
Sophomore 30-59 semester hours 2.00
Junior 60-89 semester hours 2.00
Senior and Postbaccalaureate 90 or more semester hours 2.00

Grading System

Grade Meaning of Letter Grades
Excellent, superior achievement
Good, exceeding all requirements
Average, satisfactorily meeting all requirements
Poor, passing
F Failing or withdrawal while doing failing work
I Incomplete
NR Not reported
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
W Withdrawal

Grade Point Average

Grade points are awarded as follows for each semester hour in which students receive a grade.

Grade Points Awarded for Each Grade

Grade Points
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0.00

The grade point average is the quotient obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the number of semester hours in which students receive a letter grade. Grades of S, U, I, and W are not assigned grade point values and are not used in the computation of the grade point average.

A change in grade (other than I, incomplete) will affect the academic status of the semester in which the grade was earned and all subsequent semesters. A change of grade from I will affect only the cumulative grade point average effective the semester the I is completed (or changed to F or U).

Decimals beyond two places are truncated, not rounded, in computing the grade point average.

Cumulative Grade Point Average

The cumulative grade point average is based upon all work taken at the University of Houston, including courses that are repeated, for which grade point values are assigned.

A repeated course, including courses repeated during a summer session, is equivalent to a new course both in the determination of classification and in computing the cumulative grade point average.

Students may not enroll in any course more than three times, including W, F, and I grades, without permission from the college of their major. All attempts will remain on the student's official transcript. This policy does not apply to courses listed in the catalog as repeatable (e.g. Selected Topics courses).